Andrew Gelston Graham
Andrew playing Ultimate Frisbee.
Andrew on Mamabird at Las Vegas tournament.

Mission Statement

Andrew's family wants him to be remembered for the accomplished young man he was and for the future good he would have achieved- not defined by how he died at the hands of others. Of his many interests, Andrew loved the sport of Ultimate Frisbee and his teammates. He was a serious student. Funds received through the Andrew Gelston Graham Charitable Foundation will be used to support the University of Colorado Civil Engineering Graduate Scholarship Fund, the University of Colorado Intercollegiate Ultimate Frisbee team and to perform random acts of kindness.



Andrew Gelston Graham was taken from us on  November 6, 2009 at the age of 23 by a random, senseless and incomprehensible act of violence.  He was a wonderful person with the qualities that most of us spend a lifetime cultivating, yet rarely achieve.  Thoughtful in all of his decisions, Andrew was humble, shy, intelligent, hardworking and possessed a quiet confidence.  He was fair and non-judgmental.  Andrew often spent time speaking with the homeless, something many would be afraid to do.  He was an outstanding athlete.  Always the peacemaker, he talked everyone down when tempers flared during Ultimate Frisbee tournaments.  Everyone who knew Andrew, and many who did not, have been deeply touched by his loss.

Andrew was not at all materialistic.  All his worldly possessions fit in a duffel bag that fit over his shoulder.  He did not own a computer.  The cell phone he had to get for work, but he couldn't wait to "get rid of the little bastard".

Graduated Magna cum Laude with a B.S. in Civil Engineering

A black belt in Tae Kwon Do

Loved music (all types, especially blues and jazz)

Played his guitar at all hours of the day and night.

Avid runner

Worked on the North Slope of Alaska for a major petroleum company as a Oil Services Engineer.

Returning to graduate school in January 2010

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The 1st Annual Andrew "Stitches" Gelston Graham Charitable Foundation Hat Tournament was a great success! We raised over $1200! All tournament proceeds go to the Andrew Gelston Graham Charitable Foundation and will be used to promote and support advanced education, athletics, and perform random acts of kindness. The Andrew Gelston Graham Charitable Foundation is a recognized nonprofit by the State of Colorado.

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